Leading Edge HealthSince 2001, VigRX® has turned ordinary guys into alpha-dogs in the bedroom. But what’s the story behind the label? Glad you asked!

Leading Edge Health is the company that makes all VigRX® products. We started this small Canadian company with a vision: to make high-quality natural supplements with the finest ingredients to help men live better, be it at work, in the bedroom, and other places men want to shine.

VigRX® products are our crown jewel – they’re VigRX®, VigRX® Plus, VigRX® Oil and VigRX® Delay Spray. We’re pleased to say they’ve helped millions of guys around the world.

Leading Edge Health products are non-prescription and made by the same cGMP-compliant manufacturer used by major retailers. They’re designed with approval from (very!) well-respected physicians, like Dr. Steven Lamm of The View, and come with the reassurance of a company that knows the male anatomy and the sexual nutrients that help men show up.

Board Of Advisors

We didn’t get to the top without help from some very well-respected members of the medical community. They’ve given legs to our vision, with deep, specialized knowledge of natural health and the human body.

These are the experts. They sit on our Board of Advisors and support Leading Edge Health with their guidance, and help us continue to deliver cutting-edge natural products based on the latest in medical research.

Dr. Steven Lamm


Anna Lepeley


Dr. Dave David

M.D. and Cosmetic Surgeon

We’re not trying to change the world. We just want to give clients a selection of high-quality natural supplements to help folks live better. That could be something to help men improve their sexual life or address premature ejaculation. Maybe it’s a natural alternative to prescription medication and more effective than others methods.

That’s always been our focus, and it always will. Leading Edge Health makes natural health supplements that help folks live better with the customer care and satisfaction that you can’t get with bigger companies!

Check Out Our Products Line Up

VigRX Plus

Think of VigRX Plus® improved formula amplified with a pepper derivative called Bioperine, which makes it up to 30% MORE effective!

Delay Spray

VigRX® Delay Spray helps you last longer and release when you choose. It's the ultimate in pleasure and enjoyment.


Today VigRX® is the gold standard of male enhancement – it's a blend of natural ingredients used since ancient times for size and virility.

VigRX Oil

You don't have to wait to enjoy the benefits of VigRX®. You want a big erection? Expect one FAST – like the lucky guys.